Thonet style miniature furniture

Thonet chair n°14

Thonet chair n°4

Thonet 209 armchair

Miniature 1/6 or 1/12 scale for diorama and dollhouse, 3Dprinting.
PLA plastic with wood fibers, wood appearance, varnish.

Product by 3D printing and hand finished, each chair has her own personality; appearance may change from pictures.

Available colors:


n°14 and n°4 chairs: 1/6 scale
H 142mm (5.6in) x L 70mm (2.75in) x P 75mm (2.95in)

n°14 chair: 1/12 scale
H 85mm (3.35in) x L 39mm (1.54in) x P 45mm (1.78in)

209 armchair: 1/6 scale
H 125mm (4.9in) x L 85mm (3.3in) x P 85mm (3.3in)

Parisian coffee table: 1/6 scale
Ø 100mm (3.94in) x H 112mm (4.41in)

Thonet style table: 1/6 scale
H 110mm (4.33in) x L 167mm (6.3in) x P 125mm (4.9in)

Squared Thonet table: 1/6 scale
H 110mm (4.33in) x L 100mm (i3.9n) x P 100mm (3.9in)

Parisian coffee table

Thonet style table

Squared Thonet table

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